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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america," from washington. a massive bomb blast rips through the heart of beirut. fears that the violence and syria has spilled over into lebanon. the u.s. presidential candidates blanket their base. an actress makes a big impression on the silver screen. she takes it all in stride. >> it is great to have that attention but not too much. i don't want to get too excited.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. there are fears that the conflict in service is spilling over. an official has been killed by a huge car bomb in beirut. the leading opponent is bashar al-assad. syria's leader is being accused of being behind the bombing. >> they rushed to eastern beirut. this was as the weekend was about to begin. the bomb went off in a crowded
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mainly christian district of the city. local tv stations were broadcasting images of burned out cars and images of wounded people. 8 people were killed and as many as 100 were injured. the main target was a brigadier general, the chief security official in lebanon. he had recently implicated syria and its lebanese allies, hezbollah, for the killing of the prime minister. he was a fierce critic of syria. this will create shockwaves in the entire region. after a long time of relative calm, this is the first big attack in four years. many feared something like this to happen sooner or later and that lebanon would be dragged into the conflict some political leaders have accused the assad regime in syria of being behind
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the attack. >> for more on the incident from of volatility out of the region, i spoke a brief time ago with a senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy. does this bombing show the conflict has spread into lebanon? >> it has spread to the heart of beirut. it has been spreading for a couple of months, the border areas mostly. we see this with the sunni-shi'a tensions excel rating. this is the big move into the capital. >> one politician has said that the syrian president is behind the bombing. is that a credible claim? >> yes, the head of the information bureau, the intelligence in lebanon, that was investigating the role of -- who was backed by damascus in
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carrying out a number of bombings. this is a clear message to back off inside of those factors. >> lebanon and syria, the politics go hand in hand. many of the same sex in each country overlap and families overlap. it is very hard to be a fool on war in the regime in damascus for that to not eventually to come over into some kind of turmoil in lebanon. >> i remember seeing of the enormous crater caused by the assassination of the prime minister. what does this portend? >> it means we're going back to a time now where the regime in damascus is starting to lash out into lebanon and to affect the politics there because they know that upset in that would ultimately upset the balance for the u.s. and its allies like israel and the region.
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this is a sign that this is getting much worse, it is not going to go away anytime soon and this is spilling over its borders into lebanon. >> could this lead to clashes between sunni and shi'a in lebanon? >> yes, it already has. in this case, it will immediately undermine its investigation. it could see the court case affected. this would be a big blow against those who are against syria and lebanon. we have to worry about that. >> do think that they will be trying to calm the conflict in his own country? >> bashar al-assad's mo is to escalate the situation. to calm it down. this is a ruthless strategy. it is working until now until we get some kind of international intervention. i think that is alternately
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inevitable. >> thank you. >> tomorrow, it will be a year since the uprising in libya saw the caption and killing of colonel gaddafi. libya had an unexpectedly peaceful democratic election this summer. the country is still struggling to overcome the legacy of 32 years. our middle east editor reports in libya. >> they have captured the dictator. they miss him. a year ago, their son was the one who found colonel gaddafi hiding in a drainage pipe. as a revolutionary hearing, he posed with the gun that he took from gaddafi. his parents still have it. his son died after being
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tortured and captured by men still loyal to their dead leader. at the same time, he was tortured by gaddafi's people, hung upside down, ripped, burned, and given electric shocks. female nurses cut his ankles and said it was the flesh of misrata's rats. both were held in the last refuge. this week, he has been under attack by fighters loyal to the new order. during the civil war last year, walid helped to defend misrata. this was the center of the war. steadily, it has been rebuilt. their victory museum is here,
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but when in the peace, unravelling gaddafi's legacy is taking time. -- but winning the peace is taking time. the regime is likened to a bottle of cola that had been shaken for 40 years. the civil war has not been restarted. it could have been much much worse. colonel gaddafi possible leadership compound is being used as a rubbish dump. parliament is struggling to form a central government. there are dozens of collisions with their own agendas. >> i don't believe the situation
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will deteriorate dramatically. if it did, libya could go back to tribal rule. that would solve its problems easily. >> if the democrats cannot started governing soon, the divisions in this country might overwhelm them. time is not elastic. >> afghan police say that at least 18 people, mostly women and children have died in explosions in the north of the country. a roadside bomb cut through a minibus carrying a wedding party. another deadly explosion, this time in yemen. 40 soldiers at a military base. it was thought that a car bomb was set off by al qaeda militants.
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the chinese navy is conducting exercises near disputed islands. ships and military aircraft have been sent to japan. tensions between the nations have risen since the japanese government bought some of the islands from a private landowner last month. the former prime minister, silvio berlusconi, has made a rare appearance at his trial for allegedly paying an underage prostitutes for sex. he told the court that he never had an intimate relationship with any kind with the moroccan- born dancer. she was 17 when she attended one of his private parties. he said that he believed her when she said she was 24. here in the u.s., there are just 18 days to go until the presidential election. barack obama and mitt romney are spending so much time in a
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handful of states that still up for grabs the mason gain residency there. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. this is not the first time that the students have rushed to hear a democratic president make his case. >> it was packed with people. >> joanne was here in 1964 when lyndon johnson drove into town and set out his bold vision for tackling poverty and racial inequality. >> i've helped to build the great society. >> the cornerstone was a government program to help the poor and elderly. today, joanne worries that mitt
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romney would like to dismantle them. >> people need to know that they need those government programs so that they continue that everyone can get help. >> mr. obama does not have an lbj style big vision for his second term. he says his opponent has no vision at all. >> you heard of the new deal, you have heard of the fair deal. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. we are not buying it. >> ohio has benefited from billions of dollars in bailouts for the auto industry. it has won mr. obama a lot of support. >> that affects one in 8 jobs in ohio. i don't think that you can be from ohio and talk about jobs without recognizing that. >> i think that we have some momentum. this will be like a square rather than a wheel.
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away from the liberal college campuses, they're not so convinced. in a way, the state represents what this election is really all about. it is a philosophical, almost moldavite between those who believe that government money has helped ohio and those who think it just as fervently that the government only gets in a way of the natural entrepreneurial spirit. mitt romney is campaigning hard here. >> it is freedom that drives america. >> introducing him at a rally was this woman. >> i am not a politician, i'm a businesswoman. >> our business is baskets. >> this is a vision of my father who was a classic american entrepreneur. he believed that if you were going to make a statement, do it
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big. certainly, a seven story basket makes a statement. >> they employ 1000 people in ohio and thousands more across the u.s.. crating paychecks is the job of businesses, not government. this president believes that government can help, should help, will help. >> quite frankly over the years, i would like less government involvement in helping me run my business. >> ohio is critical and elections because it is a microcosm of america. it has a diversity of people, life styles, and prospectus. how does people vote ultimately determines who will win the white house. >> both campaigned by the polls in ohio. when the the major cities has a lesson or two for gridlock washington.
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columbus has traded jobs and encourage investment. the democratic mayor worked with republican business leaders to get results. we spoke with the mayor about this rare show of bipartisanship. >> we have to have a balance between cuts and revenue. we did not want to impact of the quality of life in the city of columbus. i went to the business community and said, i have to ask for a tax increase. i was concerned that some of those businesses might go somewhere else. businesses are very mobile these days. what happened was that they ended up supporting a tax increase and helping to finance the campaign that the public ended up supporting. we passed a tax increase. we passed the lowest --
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the greatest recession in the city of columbus. >> if you did that here in columbus, is this something that can be done nationally? if you sides of the economic debate will not alone talk to each other let alone to operate. >> in order to have prosperity, you have to do both and it could be substantial cuts. >> she managed to get republicans to sign on to that. they're not doing so in washington. >> you have to have cuts and revenue. i went to the business community. i think they understand. they know that they cannot cut their way to a profit. they have to do a couple of things. they have to be more efficient, work in the market, and sometimes they have to raise
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prices. we do a combination of those things, you usually end up in a better position than where you were. you cannot do one sometimes without the other. >> you did it in columbus, how come they cannot do it in washington? >> it is baffling. it is a political problem. how do we do this? we asked their opinion. bring them into the formula. it is not just the white house versus congress, democrats versus republicans. what is your opinion? how do you do this? i guarantee you that they will do something like we have done. there was the stability in the country and the progress in all of the communities.
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>> speaking to the mayor of columbus ohio. do remember to stay with us for full election coverage including the debate. you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come. remarkable signs of recovery. doctors help the girl shot in the head by the taliban. a year ago, it would have been unthinkable. now, the u.s. has invited from month to partake in the joint military exercises. this brings military's from across the region. this is a sign of improving relations with the u.s.. the u.s. is taking a symbolic
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step. >> what we know is that burma is on the last -- on the list of those invited. we don't know if this invitation is final. this is only an invitation that is an observer. this is with mostly u.s. and thai forces, the longstanding allies. they usually bring in the forces of many neighboring countries as well. bringing the burmese military in would be a very dramatic step. the military is the most controversial part of the old regime in burma. they have already ended economic sanctions. this encourages those that are put in place. there is significant human rights concerns about the way that the army deals with the on commitment to the democratization process.
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this is a very separate power structure. i think any moves to close ties with the military between the u.s. and the burmese military in particular will be criticized by human-rights groups. we have a way to go before there are substantial ties in terms of military training. clearly, the u.s. would like to move very quickly. this tells you how fast they want to close the gap. >> some positive developments from the doctors treating the pakistani girl shot and the head by the taliban. they say that malala yousafzai is able to stand for the first time and communicate by passing us. she was shot for criticizing taliban militants and supporting education for girls. >> a teenage girl at school.
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on remarkable around the world. valley, this swat is an act of defiance. this almost cost malala yousafzai her life. she was shot in the head. her story has generated worldwide media focus. doctors have been getting details of their patient. "she was shot just above her left eye. it raised the brain as it passed the temple. it tracked down, damaging her jaw joint on the way and ended up in the muscles above her shoulder blade on the left. we have quite an extensive injury. >> it is remarkable that she survived. >> it is very remarkable.
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>> the journey to britain began soon after she was attacked 10 days ago. initial surgery removed the bullet. then, the decision to remove her to the queen elizabeth hospital where the staff have extensive experience treating injured british soldiers. "she is doing remarkably well. she was beginning to stand with help from the therapist and the nurses. she is clearly a understanding what we say. she is able to write. >> the government of pakistan has recognized her bravery with one of their highest awards. the medical team hopes that the same courage and determination will help her fight off infection and make a full recovery. >> malala yousafzai's progress. now to another girl capturing attention. she is the star of a low-budget film, "beast of the southern
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wild." she was just seven when filming ended. now, the industry is abuzz as she could be the first ever actress so young nominated for academy award. >> she plays a hush puppy who have to care for herself and her father when their home is hit by natural disaster. it has been gathering rave reviews. many think an oscar nomination for the 9-year-old. do you think it will happen? >> may be, if it happens it happens. people have been talking about you. how does that feel? >> kind of good and it is fun to have that attention but not too much because i don't get too excited.
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>> what about being famous? >> i don't like that either. "she might not have a choice if she does go on to be the youngest person ever to win a competitive oscar. she was just five vinci auditioned. even then, the director said that her talent stood out. >> we never saw anything like that at any kid of any age, let alone one that was 5 years old. she could barely read the script but she could perform it. >> since then, the movie has surpassed all expectations. many believe that the film and its young star on their way to making history. >> what will she wear on the red carpet? that brings today's carpet to a close. you can find constant updates on our web site. doocy what we're working on -- to see what we're working on any time, be sure to visit our facebook page. thank you for watching and have a good weekend.
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